"Big Mama Funk brought the house down this year at Britain's Got Talent in Liverpool!...and here's the whole it all started on the only sunny day on December 2010...yep the Gods where smiling down on me that day! I went down with my Funkateers and caught the eyes of the Producers straight away...they loved the Big Mama Funk Logo (thank you Justin from Just Design @DesignIsJust) and the sheer funk vibe of the Funkateers (Big Up to Funky Daddy M, Funkster PC/DC Jaime, Big Mama's Big Man, the Original Funkateer Lady  A, Funky Miss C, and the Youngest most styliest Funketeer around Archie T).....we stood for 1 hour, 2 hours.........5 hours later and with spirits still high Big Mama Funk arrives.......
The holding room was….tired (we'd all been there since 10am!...and it was now about 4pm!)....but that didn't hold Big Mama Funk down!....still smiling like she'd had some funky chicken pie...she got called to do her thang!....the room was....deadly silent - my god if a pin could have dropped it would have stirred a ruckus - let me tell you!...the lady behind the desk...was pretty...tired...and pretty...the camera man was silent bob....I was hoping not to offend!...then the funk slipped out!....they were hooked! Cameraman man was laughing and smiling silently! Miss pretty Producer asked me, in a very unexcited way of course, "is this the song you'd sing if you got through" BMF says "Well yes if it got me thru" (cheeky ;-)....."Thank you".....BMF leaves the room......the rest of the auditionees who are sitting outside of the room applauded me - how lovely is that baby!....just as I got to join the rest of the Funkateers I get a "hey Funky lady...wait there please!"....I stopped in my tracks and she said in a hurried voice "they want u to wait there"....they? who's they?...what's this all about?....what have I done wrong!!! I felt like a naughty school girl!
Then one producer goes in the room....then comes out....goes into another room...then goes out....then someone else goes in...then comes back out...WHAT'S FUNKIN' GOING ON?!
"Erm you are Big Mama Funk?....we'll see what we can do..."....huh?
The Funkateers come running round to me saying "they just told us to come and join you - we don't know why".....grrrr
Mr producer man comes over and says right come here u! we follow...we sat at the front of the holding room and then they asked me to walk through with the Funketeers holding the banner behind I sang my theme track!..."Big Mama Funk is who I am!...I gotta get into to you!" (track coming soon)...everyone in the holding room looked round and there was a lot of hand slapping and shizz!....
everybody loved it and BMF was in her element!
Then the phonecall came when I was shopping at Tescos for some Funky've got through and they loved you so much! will you come to Liverpool in January with your Funkateers?....err "hell yes"!!!!!
Much excitement and planning later we're off to Liverpool. We arrive after what seems like an eternity the night before to the hotel down the road! We - some more Funkateers (Big Mama's Mama, Big Mama's Big Bro, Big Mama's Big Man, Big Mama's Big G, Big Mama's Aunty L, BM's Lil Nish, Funky Miss C, the Original Funkateer Lady A, BM's PT and his missus N)  - we ate with BM's Kash $$, laughed and slept!...the next day BM's BAM and Big Mama's Ansa (to all questions!) joined us for a day of what can only be described as sheer and utter fun, madness and beautiful people!
we joined the queue at 8am - BM's Mama had to go sit down as her leg was still recovering from her knee op - Thanks Miss Anna Lebrae who looked after Mama that day – BMF salutes you!...Big Mama Funk arrived in her day-time disguise as "Pritee" and fooled the producers!...she quickly changed and the games began...we sat, we spoke, we walked around, BMF was interviewed once, twice, 3 times....ahhhh I lost count!...we did some sketches with some lovely people....and then I sat behind the stage and heard some people get buzzed (what a horrific sound!) get booed and get put through.....then it was my turn! was a I freaking out....I thought I was gonna pee my pants!
I met Ant&Dec before I went on and jumped all over them!....3 seconds later (so it felt) I went on stage to be greeted by a lovely bunch of Liverpudlians!...and my Funkateers in the crowd above and below (Big Mama's Rups, BM's PT & his missus N, BM's Lil Nish and BM's Aunty L)....we, the whole Empire Theatre, all fell in love with each other instantly!...Big Mama Funk opened her mouth and the rest as they say is this space!
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Big Mama Funk will be Funkifying on 18th June @ The Horns Watford - come on down baby!"